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Chronic Colitis Cat
by bunnydoc - June 26, 2017
I haven't had a cat as a patient for over a decade so I feel out of my depth on this one!

Signalment: 6 year old male neutered cat (owned by one of my technicians)

History: has had reoccuring bouts of vomiting and diarrhea for several years.

In the beginning, the symptoms were controlled via diet changes but with time, he began to have on/off soft, mucus filled stool. Non-responsive to metronidazole. Her veterinarian has diagnosed chronic colitis and started the cat on steroids. At first, the steroids helped but now he is becoming less and less responsive to treatment.

Any recommendations for chronic colitis in cats?


by naturevet
June 30, 2017
Hi Leticia,

We've found raw diets to be curative, or at least home-cooked diets that are meat-based with no concentrated starch sources. Failing that, freeze-dried meat and vegetable diets MAY work, I would not expect any kibble or canned diet to cure the condition

Generally colitis is a Damp Heat condition, particularly if it gets worse right around now. For acute cases, we use Si Miao San. If the condition is mild to moderate and chronic, you may want to try San Ren Tang first. It also tastes a bit better!

The condition should resolve in a week or two with diet change + herbs. Let us know if it doesn't

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