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Case Of Kelson Janzen
by jschell - June 28, 2017
I am treating a 5.5 year old Rottie mixed breed dog with elevated SDMA and crea above 140
He is improved but SDMA is still 15 and Crea is 149- he is on Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, Prescription Diet k/d food with 10% t/d food (owner cannot home cook for him)
He is also on Aventi KS and weekly vitamin b12 injections.
I was able to get his Crea down from 151 to 149 and SDMA down from 16 to 15, but he is still in Stage 2 IRIS renal disease.
His urine protein:creatinine is normal.
USG is 1.019.

What else can I do to help improve his kidney health?
His blood pressures are normal.

Thank you!
by naturevet
June 30, 2017
Hi Julie,

I would start by increasing the BWDHW dose. You can also enhance BWDHW by adding in San Ren Tang. If there's an inflammatory component, it will address that a bit better than BWDHW alone.

Middle-aged animals usually have a significant (diet-mediated) component to their renal insufficiency aggravated by virtually any processed diet. I'd suggest raw or at least a freeze-dried diet to end this dog's struggle and get things back to stage I. There's no reason to suspect k/d will help this dog. Only when there is marked glomerular inflammation (accompanied by a high UPC ratio) do I feel there is a reasonable evidence base for restricting protein.

Hope that helps! You can nail this one!

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