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Acute Rear Leg Paralysis In A Dog
by henry - June 30, 2017    View Case Report
Avery is an 8 year old intact male Labrador Retriever with an acute onset of rear leg paralysis of ten days duration. He has also been losing weight over the last 6 months. He has had a thorough diagnostic workup for both problems as his owner is a technician at a specialty practice. No cause has been found for the weight loss. There is a presumptive diagnosis for the paralysis of FCE as no lesions were found with a myelogram or CAT scan and CSF tap was normal.

I have treated him once so far with acupuncture. Tongue is lavender and wet. Pulse is weak, thin, and deep.

My primary question is as to whether Yunnan Paiyo would be of any help in this case. I actually started it already but wanted to pick your more erudite brain to see if it makes sense. Thank you. Hope all is well.
by naturevet
June 30, 2017
Hmm. Maybe not so erudite - I had to look that word up to be sure what it meant!

I can't see YBY being a problem.

We've managed FCE dogs with CGJJT, sometimes followed by DHJST, but neither exactly fits the pulse

The paralysis and pulse has me in mind of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang. If the pulse strengthens with BL 20 tonification (or perhaps LV 13), I would resort to it.

Otherwise, let me know what points the pulse does respond to, and I may have a better idea!

by henry
June 30, 2017
Thanks for your help. Active points included BL 18, BL 22, BaHuai, GB 30, SP 6, BL 40, SI 3. Lots of Shao Yang points.
by naturevet
June 30, 2017
Well, if the Shao Yang points were the ones that corrected the pulse, you're back to CGJJT. If it was SP 6 and SP 3, then BYHWT.

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