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Cervical Myelopathy In A Dog
by doctorlaura50 - July 1, 2017    View Case Report
Hi Steve,

Oscar, an 11 year old, male neuter dachshund, is 7 days post-op ventral slot form compression at C3-4, C4-5. Surgeon noted that an area of the spinal cord did not look normal, but was not sure what was going on. Oscar is barely eating, can move his neck, & just started urinating on his own yesterday. He is taking gabapentin BID, tramadol, BID, & prazosin TID.

Pulse is strong mid to deep depth and his tongue is pink with normal moisture. I did not feel any active points (but I could use more practice doing this). I was going to start him on XCHT but was not sure if it was ok to use with Prazosin. It seems the best choice post-op. Will it depress his appetite more? Other suggestions?


by naturevet
July 7, 2017
Hi Laura, I'd definitely start there, with XCHT. Sometimes I add 12g Gui Zhi and 15g Bai Shao per 100g of XCHT to enhance results. If GB points help the pulse, the formula should accelerate the dog's improvements.

At some point in a few weeks you may need to switch to a more superficially acting and tonifying formula like DHJST to complete recovery.

Hope that helps!

by doctorlaura50
July 8, 2017
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