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Hind End Paresis In A Dog
by Pamela Page - July 13, 2017    View Case Report
Hello! I'm looking for help with a 12 year old M/N Golden Retriever who presented in October for acupuncture for hind end stiffness, weakness and neurological deficits. Spondylosis was noted on x-rays. He had a pink tongue and very soft, flat pulses. He responded really really well to acupuncture and Si Miao San, and his symptoms went away. He even jumped into the lake for a swim for the first time in his life. But in April he underwent a growth removal under anesthesia at his regular veterinarian. He had delayed wound healing and was put on antibiotics, which made him sick and his hind end problems all came back. We got him through that, but not long after that (early May) he had a very severe attack of geriatric vestibular syndrome, and was unable to walk at all. He was essentially bedridden for 2-3 weeks, with very weak pulses, and a lavender tongue. I changed his formula to Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang and again he has had a miraculous recovery. He has regained his ability to walk, and is doing really well, but his hind legs are a little weak and stiff and intermittently show mild C.P. deficits. His severe head tilt has completely resolved. I have been keeping him on this herb formula in hopes of preventing a recurrence. I also want to put him back on an herbal formula to support the back end. My questions are should I keep him on the Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang to try to prevent a vestibular recurrence? And what herb formula would be compatible with it to help strengthen and improve his hind end function? I was thinking of trying Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang, or resuming the Si Miao San, or maybe even You Gui Wan. Would love your thoughts and suggestions for this wonderful dog. Thank you,
by naturevet
July 14, 2017
Hi Pam,

Tonics should definitely be compatible, given the positive response to BXBZTMT, which you can continue for a while until the dog strengthens further.

My first temptation would be to add a Kidney tonic, and I would wonder first about Ba Wei Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia 8), given the role of Dampness in his pathology (as shown by response to treatment).

Another idea, though, is to try Yi Yi Ren Tang. Classically, it fits a bouyant floating pulse, but could also fit the purplish tongue and weak pulse. This is because it is a Damp drainer, Wind expeller, Tonic, and Blood mover all in one, so a broad array of pulses will fit it. I would maybe give it a go first, but see what your intuition tells you. It's apparently quite accurate these days!

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