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Chronic Allergic Dermatitis
by pdragos - July 17, 2017    View Case Report
The owner of this dog (shar pei mix with severe wind-damp-heat) will only try 1 single herb at a time. We are trying Huang Bai first, then adding on Fu Ling and then Oregon Grape. She is concerned about using them long term if they do help. Is there a way they can be rotated or do "pulse therapy" with herbs? Is this effective? Does it prevent deficiencies from developing? What are your thoughts on this? The Huang Bai seemed to help but when she added Fu Ling the pruritis increased a bit.
by naturevet
July 18, 2017
Hi there,

Use of multiple herbs mitigates side effects, and allows an effective combination to be used for longer. Based on the response to HB, I'd guess that Si Miao San may be helpful here. So you could try the herbs in that formula individually, and when all are being used together to advantage, you're ready to just use the formula as manufactured instead.

I don't find pulse therapy has any advantages. The body does not desensitize itself to herbs that are well suited to the condition as far as I can tell. If one day SMS were to stop working, it would be because the condition had changed (from acute to chronic), necessitating the use of additional formulas or herbs. The patient would appear 'deficient' at that point, but is really just in a different phase of skin inflammation, calling for a different approach.

By the way, Oregon Grape won't do that much more than Huang Bai, as the active ingredients are very similar.

For your next single herb choices, consider the other ingredients in SMS; Cang Zhu, Yi Yi Ren, and Niu Xi

by pdragos
November 2, 2017
Looking for guidance on custom herbal formula without yi yi ren for severe dermatitis. Acupuncture (wind-damp-heat) q 3 weeks and showing no improvement in pruritis. Owner will not modify diet (raw turkey meat, bones, liver only). Owner will not use commercial products.
by pdragos
December 14, 2017
Owner went to allopathic vet and started clavamox and he continues to worsen. Recommended changing to Xiao Chai Hu Tang. Owner won't use Si Maio San due to adverse reaction in the past.
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