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Anal Carcinoma In A Dog
by Lewter - January 4, 2018    View Case Report
Casey has been on Subdue liver fire, Mushroom Defense from Animal Essentials, and Hemp for the cancer. He has been on long term Bu zhong Yi Qi Tang and Rx Biotic probiotic for a previous GI issue which has resolved that problem. He also gets ozone weekly per rectum. He was dx with nodules on the liver as per ultrasound when the initial surgery and biopsy was done at Virginia Tech.
Casey was stable for 1 year, but had a sudden recurrence of the rectal mass, and it was removed 1 month ago. It seems to be already returning.
Any suggestions? Wondering about Bemer therapy to increase blood supply to the area after reading your comment about tumors becoming more aggressive in low oxygen conditions. Any new herbs to add? We did switch from Mushroom Defense to Coriolus extract one month ago.
Thank you from Casey. other than the rectal mass, he is feeling great and happy. Tongue is pale lavender and pulses are normal. Tongue has always looked this way. Thanks!
by naturevet
January 5, 2018
Hi there,

Given the pulse and tongue, and the location, I'd wonder about Modified Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang. Many anal adenocarcinomas seem to behave like upper burner lesions. The Nan Jing included the periphery of the body in its definition of the upper burner, including the entire skin and mucocutaneous regions

We often pair MXFZYT with Hoxsey in these dogs. Hoxsey clears Heat, but is also a Mover. It is probably a better choice than the Liver Fire formula as it has much more in the way of anti-cancer effects. We also tend to give vitamin A and D supplementally, in larger doses if things are not well-controlled

Hope that helps you out.

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