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Copper Toxicity In A Dog
by lvanharen - January 4, 2018    View Case Report
Riggs is a 9 yo OESD that was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease on biopsy. His liver biopsy also revealed " MICRONODULAR HYPERPLASIA, DISSECTING FIBROSIS, HEPATOCELLULAR
ARCHITECTURAL DISORGANIZATION AND SUBTLE ONGOING NECROSIS". For a whole plethora of reasons, I wanted to start him on XYS. He did break with diarrhea (very much a common response for him) after 1 dose of XYS and the Aventi Liver Complete supplement so owner discontinued. He has now been seen by internal medicine and is being treated with penicillamine, prednisone and ursodiol. Owner would still like to incoporate herbs if it can be done safely. Are there any contraindications to the use of XYS with his pharmaceuticals? Should I consider re-looking at his treatment plan based on his response after one dose of XYS or just have owner slowly build him up to reasonable dose. I can give lots more info if needed, just hoping that these might be quick questions.

Thanks for your help :)
by naturevet
January 5, 2018
Hi there,

I guess the first thing would be to try XYS at a much lower dose. Tolerance can be built and it is not contraindicated to what you're doing

Often, if diarrhea arises from herbs, it is due to the content of Dang Gui. Using a formula that has no Dang Gui will often work. In this case, I'd wonder about Chai Hu Shu Gan San. It should arrest the fibrosis and further disruption of architecture, limit inflammation, yet perhaps stop the necrosis. If that doesn't help, there are many other options, and a description of the pulse and tongue should help differentiate which one to use next

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