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Hemangiosarcoma (atrial) In A Dog
by cturner - January 15, 2018    View Case Report
Balin is a 9 year old MN German shepherd dog I've been seeing for stable, chronic IBD and lumbarsacral stenosis. But last week he had a bout of weakness and stopped eating, it was discovered he had cardiac tamponade due to an atrial mass consistent with HSA. Vet removed 80 ml blood from the pericardial space last week. Cardiologist confirmed mass in R atruim yesterday, not currently bleeding.

He started YBY last week. I've read a number of posts here regarding the HSA protocol with the modified CHJLGMLT used for spelnic HSA. Would you advise trying this protocol for atrial HSA?

He has been a bit blood deficient (dry skin, itchy, flakes, dry tongue, weak but toned pulses), maybe this is why, but otherwise doing well recently and we were playing around with various herbs for the itchy, flaky skin. He'd been on Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin with slight improvement and we were going to try Chu Shi Wei Ling Tang.

Thanks for your advice!

Carrie Turner, DVM, CVA
by naturevet
January 18, 2018
Hi Carrie,

We haven't yet found an HSA version where we would not use that protocol. We've even found it effective for intramuscular tumors.

You can source all the ingredients in the US from A Time to Heal Herbs. Since there is quite a bit of Dang Gui in there (at least, as I usually recommend formulating it), you may find it addresses the Blood deficiency symptoms you're seeing, without the need for using other formulas in addition.

In addition to the CHJLGMLT + Dang Gui + San Qi, we have been using Yun Zhi, and Yunnan Bai Yao. We also use Bilberry extract, a western herb that has specific action against HSA-type tumors

In Canada, the ingredients are already blended, and available as HSA Compound. This compound is currently being tested in a multi-center clinical trial expected to last a couple of years. A Time to Heal has the individual components, however. If you need to know what ratios to use, let me know

All the best,

Steve Marsden
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