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Kidney Stones In A Dog
by Logan - January 29, 2018    View Case Report
HI Steve,
This patient has Calcium Oxalate Renoliths. The dog also occasionally vomits yellow bile, and occasionally develops painful vaginitis.For 10 weeks we used SRT and DGSYS...the vomiting resolved but no change in renoliths ( on x-rays),or the vaginitis cycles. We then tried 10 weeks on LDEMS, the vaginitis and vomiting stopped....but still no change in renoltihs. I have seen two other patients clear their regoliths....but no progress here yet. Any ideas are appreciated !!!!
Much Gratitude,
by naturevet
January 30, 2018
Hi Todd,

Before abandoning your approach, I'd try a combination of LDXGT and Dang Gui Shao Yao San (give 1/2 to full doses of both), and perhaps pair the herbs with potassium citrate for a while.

I feel like that combination will start to slowly wear the renoliths down, over a period of months

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