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Detrusor Urethral Dyssynergy In A Dog
by cellohood - March 5, 2018    View Case Report
Bentley is a wonderful 9 yr M/N Lab who developed dysuria in July 2017. He was tentatively diagnosed with detrusor urethral dyssynergy and started on prazosin q 8 hrs. When I first saw him in August 2017 he was lethargic, having 'puddles' in the house and waking his owners up every 2 hours during the night to go outside. Once outside, he would posture & strain for 10 minutes at a time to urinate a small amount of urine.

His tongue was pale pink, pulses were wiry & stronger on the right side, his pads were dry & cracked & he was reactive to palpation along his lumbar paraspinals. I started treated him for a Kidney Qi deficiency and the first night after treatment he slept for 5 hours.

Over the past few months he has been showing more signs of Liver imbalance so I've adding more Liver points and he was continuing to improve in that there were no accidents, he was able to urinate w/o straining and he was only waking them up once during the night to go outside.

At the end of January, he started to decline again. A UTI was found by UA & he was started on antibiotics but he is now back to where he was last August. At his last visit he seemed to match the Stagnation Dribbling pattern so I added LIV 2, LIV 3 & wei-jian. He went home & slept through the night.

His UA still shows blood so the plan is to repeat imaging. I feel like I'm missing something. Should I look for another underlying pattern? As far as herbs, should I add a Liver tonic &/or Kidney support?
by naturevet
March 9, 2018
Hi there,

A worsening over the winter and at night suggests we should try Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang first. It is essentially a Liver Qi stagnation formula for the lower burner. Even though people understand it as a Spleen formula, that is only half of its action.

You could pair it with Saw Palmetto, as long as it did not relax the urethra too much. It does, aid detrusor muscle contraction as well.

I'd start there. Another option is Wu Yao Tang, which is rolled into Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang. WYT is probably a better choice than GXZYT with all its added (and unnecessary) Blood movers

I'm pretty sure, though, you're going to be happy with Saw Palmetto (Nat Path has a yummy version animals like) and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Let us know how it goes!

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