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Bowenoid Disease In A Cat
by cellohood - March 7, 2018    View Case Report
Satina is a 12 yr old FS DSH who was diagnosed with Bowenoid in-situ carcinoma last summer. She's currently on interferon & a homeopathic remedy (from the owner's homeopathist) & had laser ablation last Nov. She has lesions recur at her right front P2-P3 & right inguinal area.

On presentation, tongue is pale, coat is dry w/ dandruff, pulses wiry. She seems blood deficient to me; we're started topical xian fang huo ming yin. The owner was told by another vet that San ren tang will cure the cat but the cat doesn't strike me as damp (although it is a cat). I'm assuming I can't do any damage by starting SRT but I wanted to check first.
by naturevet
March 9, 2018
Hi again,

If the cat is Blood deficient, SRT could be aggravating. XFHMY is a better choice, or even Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang if there is no Dampness and the lesions are mild

If the lesions look nasty, itchy, septic and inflammed, then consider also Qing Ying Tang. Remember also Hoxsey as a moving formula for nasty lesions, but I would have expected a lot more heat (e.g. redness in the tongue) for either QYT or Hoxsey to be indicated

Hopefully that helps!

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