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Dog With Babies 5 Weeks Old
by alexandra - March 21, 2018
Standart poodle, 7 babies are 5 weeks old,
I want to help mum. She was always on the small and thin side but now she is eating and drinking all the time and very thin. She gets raw beef, canned chicken dog food and some dry food for pups. (plus extras: oil, minerals ...)
Her tongue has a fine white fur, is pale pink and a bit blue. The tongue has wrinkles. Her stool is loose.
She always moved perfectly, but now she is wobbly in the back.
Her temperament is normal.
In the evening she tends to pant and she prefers the cold.
I tried You gui wan on her, but it didnĀ“t seem to help. Which formula would you recommend?
Thanks Alexandra
by naturevet
March 21, 2018
Hi Alexandra,

The first thing to ensure is that there is enough calcium in the food, given that it is partly homemade. it sounds like it if they are supplementing minerals, but calcium demand is likely to be very high as the puppies grow, raising the risk of hypocalcemic tetany if calcium levels are insufficient.

It sounds like she is a little Blood deficient at present (understandable, since breast milk and Blood both draw on Essence stores, so that if you need a lot of one, you may not have a lot of the other). The lavender color and loose stools suggests secondary Liver Qi stagnation. If the pulse is very deep and toned, try Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. Otherwise I would suggest Xiao Yao San.

Another tonic you can consider, if the purplish color disappears from the tongue, is Gui Pi Tang. The afternoon heat is likely from Blood or Yin deficiency. GPT is a stronger tonic, and supports the Spleen, but is not big in the Qi moving department. If the pulse feels very frail, then despite the purplish color, you could probably give GPT a try.

Hopefully that helps,

by alexandra
March 22, 2018
The diameter of the vessel is thin, and the pulse is pounding, the vessels seems hard to compress. (wiry and toned?)
by naturevet
March 22, 2018
Okay, I guess I'd go with Xiao Yao san for now, then, unless the pulse is very deep. In that case I would use Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

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