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Atopy In A Dog
by Dreudog - April 2, 2018    View Case Report
Hi Steve and group,

This dog is a 13 year old SF Chihuahua who presented to me last summer for trtmt of her allergies. She'd had skin problems since age 5, several bouts of recurrent pyoderma, was treated for nail bed infections, had nasal congestion during allergy season and was PU/PD for ~ 1 year. BUN was 42, Creatinine and liver enzymes,, proteins normal. On UA; USG 1.012, pH 6.0. She also has periods of anorexia for 1-2 days every 1-2 months.

At that time (end of August in MN), she had swollen pink feet (all four). A few nails had a slight serum type discharge (did not culture but my impression is just dT inflammation). Ventrum was alopecic, she was shy but not nippy (first Chihuahua EVER!). Pulse deeper, fast. sl. thready. Tongue pink and dry. Chanel was on kibble then, so I asked them to feed home- cooked and move to a novel protein (turkey). We continue Apoquel until the freeze.

I started her on XFZYT , feet improved on rechecks, but were not 100% at the start of winter. Her pulse improved some ( a bit more middle position, fuller). Around Christmas, she had what appeared to be an IVDD episode - was treated with chiropractic and did well.

Thru the winter on XFZYT her feet definitely looked better , but she does improve after the frost historically.

Now with the spring melt she is starting to lick her feet more and has ^ redness and swelling. I'm having them start D-hist and antihistamine, but would love some herbal advice as well.

Thanks !!!

Cathy L
by naturevet
April 9, 2018
Hi Cathy,

The response to XFZYT definitely suggests Blood deficiency

Blood deficiency worsens again in spring and early summer, as it mobilizes to the periphery, at which point there are insufficient quantities for the space it is now being asked to occupy, and it 'scatters'. The result is that thready pulse and dry tongue

The IVDD suggests a propensity to Wind invasion secondary to Blood deficiency. Involvement of digits only in a Blood deficient dog likewise smacks of Blood deficiency, with a pathogen marching its way up the channels from the Entry/Exit points, due to too little Blood to fill the channels.

Assuming those interpretations are correct, Blood deficiency and Wind invasion, I'd wonder if plain old Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin might work here. I'd consider giving it a try

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